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2012 NFL draft prospects

Michigan state has had some very weak draft classes over the past six years. However this years team is filled withd talent that could produce several solid NFL players here are my top 4 eligible players for this years draft.

1. Jerel Worthy, DT: this guy is an obvious choice he is quick and athletic at his registered weight of 310 lbs. He is constantly double teamed, but neeeds to find a way to get through some of those double teams. I believe he will have a big time year  and prove he deserves that top five pick he is being perdicted as.

2.Kirk cousins, QB: this is a tough choice here. Kirk has the size to play in the NFL, he has good arm strength, very good accuracy. However, his decision making can be questioning at times. He panics when pressure comes and will typically thow a bad pass that is intercepted. For him to work his way into the first round, which he has the talent to do he will have to have a good season. My best guess? Some where around 3,000 yards passing, 25 TD's and only 7or 9 interceptions. If he does that he could be any where between the 5th or 3rd best QB in this draft.

3.Joel Foreman, G: Joel has been a four nyear starter four michigan state and has been the best offensive linemen for all of those years. He has good size and strength has been very solid against top competion. He was one of the best pulling guards I have ever ween. However, he doesn't have great speed and isn't known well throughout the country and even most Spartan fans don't know who he is. But he is very solid and could go any where from the Mid second to mid third.

4.Trenton Robinson, FS: Trent is a former walk-on who always seems to have a chip on his shoulder when he is out on that field which is definetly not a bad thing. He constantly making play whether it's interceptions, big hits, or breaking up passes. He has a tendency to bit on play-action or be to aggresive in coverage but other than that he is a solid mid round pick, that could be a steal.          
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What a game.

State really deserved this win. They forced three turnovers, constantly hit dayne cryist and made the irish defense tired and make mistakes. The pass defense did allow 360 yards and four touchdowns. But that is put on the defensive cordinator. He constantly had johnny adams lined up on micheal floyd. That was a mismatch, when you had chris L. rucker YOUR best cover corner who when lined up on him did not allow a gain bigger then 5 yards. This helps show what we have in our secondary, ChrisL is the cover guy, Adams is our big play man, Hyde is our inconsitent player who occasionlly plays well, and trenton robinson the hardest hitter. The offense played well cousins struggled early but lead his team to a win none the less. And little giants will now forever part of spartan lore.
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Man Football season is how far away?

Man it's only June? Another two months untill the NFL preseason starts. I am ready for the season to start, my MSU perdition is out, I am currently working on my lions perdiction. I have been doing a lot of thinking about this up coming football year and have come to the conclusion that  this sport controls the avergare american's life for about 30% percent of their day, mine is about 50% because... well... what else am I supposed to do watch baseball? No I can't do that I have to sit here and learn that Michigan state is perdicted to finsh fifth by almost all sports websites. That is how I spend my summer.
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The perdiction

I'm am now going to do a game by game schedule analysis a perdiction. First up...

The first game of the new decade ends in a win for the green and white. Cousins has a great game throwing for over 250 yards and three TDs. One to new wideout keith nichole. MSU's Caper and Baker run for a combined 180 yards and 2 touchdowns. The spartan D comes up big allowing only 230 yards of total offense and allowing one field goal, and forcing three picks. One returned to the house by johnny adams. MSU wins 42-3. 1-0

Msu plays the owls for the second time in three years, in ford field. The spartans come out running getting 200 comibined rushing yards for the super sophmores. Caper takes the punishment at the goal line pushing in two scores, while baker adds a 60 yard scramble. Cousins shines once more and throws for 200 yards and a TD. The defense comes up big agian. Alowing only 28 yards rushing while picking off two passes one by jarius jones and another by johhny adams. MSU wins 28-3. 2-0

Under the lights for just the ninth time in spartan stadium the spartans welcome new irish head coach brian kelly to michigan state university. The spartans surge on national TV, to take a 24-6 halftime lead. Cousins redems himself throwing for over 330 yards and 4 Touchdowns and 1 interception. Edwin baker explodes for 120 yards on the ground while caper put 90 yards and 1 TD on the board. The defense is solid aloowing just over 300 yards 200 through the air and 100 one the ground but pick off two passes both by chris L. rucker. The all-american greg jones sacks ND's qb in the endsone for a safety. MSU wins 37-23. 3-0.

I will do the next three games on may 9th.

MSU comes in undeafeted and leaves that way. Cousins has another good game throwing for again over 300 yards and 3 TDs. Baker and Caper combine for 250 yards rushing and 4 tds. THe defense gets a shutout and only allows 90 yards on offense. They also manage to force 5 turnover 3 picks and 2 fumbles. One recovered in the endzone by jerele worthy. MSU wins soundly. 56-0. 4-0

The spartans take on the 7th ranked wisconsion badgers at home. The Green and white struggle on offense and only gain 350 total yards. Cousins forces a pass and it is picked off in he endzone.The Defense surrenders over 400 yards as the badgers john clay rushs for 180 yards and 3 tds. The Defense wou;d only allow those pints though. But it still wouldn't be enough. MSU loses. 21-17. 4-1

The spartans invade a hostle big house to take on the michigan wolverines. The green and white would soon take a 28-10 lead as cousins passes for 400 yards and 5 TDs, three going to keyshawn martin. The rushing attack would total 160 yards as both struggled late in the game. But the wolverines would battle back as they force three straight three@outs. They would soon come back and score 18 unanwsered points. Forcing a overtime as the green and white would take defense forcing the maize and blue to kick a field goal. But keyshawn would out jump michigan's corner and get both in bounds for the winning TD. MSU wins. 34-31 OT. 5-1

Michigan state takes on a struggling illini who has a hard time scoring and preventing scoring. Cousins has another good day throwing for 250 yards and 2 touchdowns. But the real story lied in sophmores baker and caper. Both rushed for over 150 yards and 2 tds each. THe defense forced three more turnovrs to help MSU prevail. MSU wins. 42-13. 6-1

Michigan state heads to evanston to play the stuborn wildcats. Northwestern pops out to a 14-3 lead and takes the lead into the half. THe wildcats were passing the football for 200 yards and two TDS in the first half. Michigan state cameback and made it a 13-14 game into the begging of the third quater. Cousins threw for over 350 yards and 1 TD and 3 ints. As the running game never got going for either teams as Northwestern throws for over 400 yards and 2 tds. Northwestern wins 14-13. 6-2

Michigan state travels to kinnik stadium for the first time in two years. The hawkeyes defense holds michigan state's passing offense to only 175 yards. But the running back duo of baker and caper combine for 190 yards and 3 TDS on 45 attempts. A blocked extra point causes michigan state to be down 20-24. The Hawkeyes struggle on offense but manage to win. MSU loses 24-20. 6-3

The Spartans return home after losing two straight on the road. Cousins throws for 275 yards and 3 TDS, but also throws 2 picks. The runiing game runs for over 280 yards and 2 TDS. As Michigan state's defense allows only 13 points. But doesn't force a turnover.MSU wins. 38-13. 7-3.

The boilermakers come to east lansing with their bowl hopes depending on these next two games. The spartan offense finds it's passing rythum as Kirk throws for 300 yards and 1 TD. Baker has a big day as he goes for 175 yards. But caper gets it done at the goal line with 3 touchdowns. THe defense allows 275 yards through the air but on 50 attempts. The defnse allows forces 4 interceptions, while allowing only 27 rushing yards. MSU wins 31-13. 8-3.

Michigan state goes into happy valley to try and beat PSU for the first time. Cousins controls the game throwing for 160 yards, on only 13 attempts. The running game goes for 190 yards and 4 touchdowns. Penn state has trouble but manges to put 20 points on the boarding with evan royster rushing for 175 yards. But MSU pulls out the win. MSU wins. 28-20. 9-3

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My take on MSU twenty-ten.

After going to michigan state's spring game and was very surprised. The game was low scoring unlike last years, and had very good secondary play. Kirk cousins was near perfection going 10-15 passing for 254 yards and a TD. While maxwell went 14-33 for 244 and a TD, even boistur the freshman played a little. The o-line struggled, but it is very challenging when you split the linemen apart. The linebackers were great as always, I was very suprised by Denicos allen who played very well or the green team. The wideouts were good for the second straight year, Mark dell was a very good deep threat havin three giant catches that set up thye green to score. The running game strugled behind a split line but together piled up around 140 yards. But I really was watching the DBs who had a good day really controling the game. Most of the big plays occured because it was a schorlership player vs a walk-on johnny adams really caught my after redshirted last year because of injury, he really was good in coverage and made some plays recovering a fumble aand breaking up some passes, he really reminded me of joe haden corner now with the cleavland browns. Great in coverage, and has some speed and agility. Chris L. rucker also looked very good in coverage. Jarius jones was hitting people like he didn't know who they were, and marcus hyde had a good pass deflection.
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New idenity

On friday michigan state showed off their new brand idenity. And many people believe they are the worst things to happn since Muddy Waters walked on MSU's campus. I however am not; the entire point off this change was to unite this program. They were tired of having football be 1960's themed, basketball being new and in style, hockey using the good all fanshioned script state. They wanted to unite a program which has changed it football uniforms 4 times in the last decade. This is a permanent answer for the program. I do realize they are different and will take time to get use to. But saying they look like 10 dollar walmart jerseys? Come on give Mark hollis a break, he is turning a medicore sports program as he said " Into a sleeping giant." If you haven't seen them then here is a link
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to bad

They played their hearts out. Thats the main point, yes, with 8 minutes the spartans had 10 fouls to butlers 4. But they got their without first-team Big Ten Kalin Lucas. Those fouls weren't fouls that is all I can say. I mean, come on they totally took a Green and they think theres is no foul? But in the end it is their fault, they were with in 2 and couldn't do it.
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Future Spartans in the NFL

Here are my top prospects from MSU.

1. Greg Jones- He is a future top ten pick, if not a top five. His speed and agility help him get from sideline to sideline. He is a little undersized but makes up for it with his ability to play.

2. Eric Gordon- Unlike Jones he is about the size the NFL likes. He still has good speed and is a great run stopper.

3. Kirk Cousins- He has very good accuracy and good arm strength. He has decent speed and agility to get out of the pocket. He needs to stand in there more and take the hit because when he panics he throws the ball into space.

4. Joel Foreman- He reminds me alot of all-bigten play Bryan Bulaga. Very good footwork and punishes the Defensive linemen.
5. BJ Cunningham- He has great hands giving him the ability to go up and catch the ball. He doesn't have great spped but has the power to pick up YAC.

6. Brian Linthicum- Good speep for a TE and has great hands.

7. Edwin Baker- Has the power to run through the tackles, but poses the speed to turn the corner abd break it open.

8. Chris L. Rucker- He had a tough season but has great speed and hands. He needs to work on his ball finding skills, he is more of a press guy.

9. Keshawn Martin- Fantastic speed, and good hands. Needs to get bigger and stronger, plus get over the 200 lb mark.

10. Larry Caper- Very powerful runner, and has pretty good speed, Needs to work on his catching of the football.
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